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Paver Moulds
A range of Paver Moulds is being supplied by us. These moulds are utilized to form various kinds of pavers like bricks, blocks, tiles. These can be availed in arch silicone, blade design, L shaped, plastic cosmic and many others.
Tile Moulds
We are manufacturing an array of Tile Moulds. These moulds create perfect tiles which hold their shape and firmness exceptionally well. These do not leak or break after the pouring in of the raw materials. These are acquirable in plastic chequered, designer paver, 16 dabbi, in addition to others.
Plastic Stone Moulds
Plastic Stone Moulds in kerb stone construction, plastic kerb and dumble is being manufactured by us. These are majorly utilized in the infrastructure and building sector for creating different kinds of pavers. These form perfectly shaped pavers with appropriate structure.
Block Moulds
We are supplying a range of Block Moulds. These efficiently transform the raw materials into perfect blocks. These molds can be accessed in square cover, rubber and pvc cover in different specifications like size, shape, thickness to meet the requirements of the specific industries.
Rubber Moulds
Rubber Moulds in I shape paver and milano paver is being offered by us. These moulds are used in the construction sector to produce pavers in bulk. These can tolerate weight and pressure efficiently to produce pavers which are perfect in every way.
Brick Moulds
We are manufacturing Brick Moulds in two categories namely rubber and silicone. Optimum utilization of these moulds ensure high production of quality bricks. Bricks created by these moulds do not break or lose their shape after getting out. These can be used for a number of years.